Perennials For Northern KY

What are the most popular perennials in Northern Kentucky? That's easy! The perennials described below are consistenly the best selling varieties from year to year. Of course, the real attraction of these plants is the color and interest they add to your landscape. These hardy perennials will keep coming back year after year.

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Autumn Joy Sedum

An excellent late summer blooming perennial with an upright mounded shape. It's flowers begin as a rosy pink maturing into a coppery-red.

$8.95 (1 gal.)

Black Eyed Susan

Another favorite of the perennials valued for it's long bloom time. It has bright mounds of daisy-like yellow flowers with black centers.

$8.95 (1 gal.)


Available in purple or white, it's four to five inch wide flower lasts for weeks. It's bloom attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Also makes a good cut flower.

$8.95 (1 gal.)

Firewitch Dianthus

Spreading mounds of blue grass like foliage with bright pink blooms. It is often used for a ground cover or bed edging. Will bloom until the first frost.

$8.95 (1 gal.)


With several varieties available, it's large green leaves with different variegations are an outstanding choice for the shade lover's yard.

$8.95 (1 gal.)

Moonbeam Coreopsis

One of our most popular perennials. It's mounded shape has masses of lemon yellow flowers that bloom throughout most of the summer.

$8.95 (1 gal.)

Stella D'oro Daylily

Without doubt one of the best selling daylilies available. It's yellow-gold flowers continue to bloom and rebloom until the first frost.

$8.95 (1 gal.)

Variegated Liriope

A small grass with very striking variegated foliage that produces light purple flower spikes in late summer. Excellent when used in mass plantings or as landscape borders.

$8.95 (1 gal.)



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