Best Landscaping Shrubs For Northern KY

Looking for landscaping shrubs for your Northern KY home? Here are the best selling landscaping shrubs at Showplace Garden Center. We have thousands of shrubs to choose from at our Crittenden KY and Hebron KY locations, but the plants below represent the most popular selections as chosen by you, our valued customers. Whether you are looking to add color, texture, or just something new and interesting, you will find what you need at Showplace Garden Center. Best of all, you will be amazed how far your dollars go at Showplace where you can enjoy outlet pricing everyday!

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Blue Holly

This landscaping shrub can be used as a hedge or in borders. Beautiful dark green foliage and female species bears red berries with male polination.

Starting at $24 (2 gal.)

Blue Star Juniper

A low growing juniper with bright steel blue foliage. It's color makes it a great contrast plant for the landscape.

Starting at $24 (2 gal.)

Crimson Pygmy Barberry

A low dense shrub with maroon foliage. It's two foot height and two to three foot width make it a great choice for a small hedge.

Starting at $24 (2 gal.)

Dwarf Alberta Spruce

Dwarf evergreen used as a specimen landscaping shrub. It's pyramidal shape and slow growth habit make it an excellent choice for the landscape.

Starting at $40 (3 gal.)

Dwarf Burning Bush

Great for use in borders or as a hedge. Grows four to five feet high and four feet wide. It's brilliant red fall color makes it an outstanding landscaping shrub.

Starting at $24 (2 gal.)

Gold Mop Cypress

Evergreen shrub with bright gold thread-like foliage. It's two to three foot height and two to three foot width give it a nice mounded shape. Excellent color year round.

Starting at $24 (2 gal.)

Goldmound Spirea

Bushy compact shrub that flowers pink. It's yellow-green foliage make an outstanding plant for accent or contrast. Develops a nice orange-red fall color.

Starting at $24 (2 gal.)

Green Velvet Boxwood

Excellent evergreen shrub used as a hedge or individually. Round compact shape makes it easy to trim. This is our best selling boxwood!

Starting at $24 (2 gal.)


Available in varities of pink, blue and white, these landscaping shrubs have large showy mophead flowers that bloom in summer. Performs best in shade to part shade.

Starting at $24 (2 gal.)

Miss Kim Lilac

A hardy dwarf lilac that is rounded in shape. Fragrant lavender flowers bloom in early May.

Starting at $24 (2 gal.)

Knockout Rose

An award-winning landscaping shrub rose available in several varieties. It blooms all summer and makes an outstanding choice for brilliant color. A must have for every landscape!

Starting at $24 (2 gal.)



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