Ground Covers For Northern KY

What are the most popular groundcovers in Northern Kentucky? That's easy! The groundcovers described below are consistenly the best selling varieties from year to year. Of course, we have many more varieties available, so if you are looking for something specific be sure to contact us. 

Ground Cover Plants for Northern Kentucky
Ajuga Ground Cover


Starting at $8.95 (1gal)

A small, spreading evergreen, Ajuga is loved by many gardeners. Grows best in moist, shaded areas as a groundcover. 

Blue Pacific Juniper Groundcover

Blue Pacific Juniper

Starting at $25 (2gal)

Low spreading juniper with fantastic blue-green color. Can spread quickly under good conditions. An excellent ground cover.

Blue Rug Juniper

Blue Rug Juniper

Starting at $25 (2gal)

Outstanding silvery-blue foliage which lasts all winter. Can spread quickly under good soil conditions. It weeps over walls nicely.

Cotoneaster Groundcover


Starting at $25 (2gal)

A low growing shrub that spreads as it branches out. It has a red to burgundy fall color with large red berries in winter. Very tolerant of adverse soil and growing conditions.

English Ivy Ground Cover

English Ivy

Starting at $8.95 (1gal)

A low growing evergreen groundcover that is exceptionally hardy. Can be used in either full sun or full shade.

Vinca Ground Cover


Starting at $8.95 (1gal)

An excellent evergreen groundcover. It has a long bloom time producing blue-violet flowers. Is a very fast grower in good soil conditions.


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