Gravel and Sand For Northern KY

Looking for decorative gravel for your landscape or need gravel and sand for your construction project in Northern Kentucky? If so, we can help. Showplace Garden Center carries a wide variety of gravel products. All bulk products are sold by the scoop.

Did you know? Showplace offers professional landscape design and installation services. Just call the main office at 859.428.3736 or visit for more details.

River Rock

This decorative stone works great in the landscape as erosion control. Placed in a swale or other wet area, runoff from rain will flow through and around these stones without eroding the soil. Create a dry creek bed or drainage channel that is low maintenance and cost effective. River rock has a smooth surface with rocks varying from golf ball size to tennis ball size.


Coarse Sand

Coarse sand is the general all purpose sand. Very useful for a wide variety of construction projects and very economical.


Dense Grade Aggregate (DGA)

Dense grade, or DGA as it is commonly called, is great for patio and retaining wall construction. It compacts very tightly and is a good choice for building a solid base.


Chipped 57's

This gravel choice is commonly used for driveways. It's angular shape compacts well and interlocks for a solid surface. It holds up well to vehicle traffic.


Smooth 57's

If you need drainage control but don't need the larger size or more decorative aspect of River Rock, smooth 57's may be your best choice. Use it any place where drainage is an issue or as backfill behind a landscape retaining wall.




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